14 October 2012


We spent the weekend out in Oxfordshire at my parents' along with my little sister. In celebration of little sister's doctorate and my Dad's birthday we spent much of the time eating and drinking and eating and drinking. Scottish lamb, the first roast potatoes of the year (very much a red letter day), oxtail stew, Danish layer cake and pain au chocolat-and-butter pudding.  Three generations of us at the table, it's such fun to see my parents with Mister G.

After a pretty full on third week back at work and the finest cold that the London Underground had to offer, it was almost precisely what our souls and stomachs needed. Not to mention the blissful sweetness of a grandparent-facilitated lie in on Sunday morning.

It was one of those perfect Autumn afternoons and PA, little sister, Mister G and I went blackberry picking in the hedgerows between fields in the sunshine behind the village.  And I have the scratched forearms and berry-stained baby to prove it.

We've done lavender, now brambles and I can't wait until G is big enough to go pick-your-own strawberries. Kid goes crazy for berries and I'm pretty sure he'll have an instinctive grasp of the 'one in the basket, five in my mouth' rule of picking. 

As usual we came home laden down with treats: the last of the marrows from the garden and two of my Mum's cakes, plus of course the very literal fruits of our labour.

Lucky lucky.
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