11 February 2013

6 // 52

boy on a drystone wall
"A portrait of Mister G, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Update: If you're popping over here from Che and Fidel, then hello! and welcome! I'm so pleased that Jodi chose us as one of her picks this week; I'm really enjoying taking part in the 52 project and seeing all of the great pictures. Totally inspiring. 

Also, G really does look like Humpty Dumpty here.

Although you can't see quite how tall the mossy wall is, I should probably disclose that PA is behind Mister G, propping him up. Health and safety, you know.

The light was low, the sky milky and the mud cold, but we don't let that stop us. I'm a sucker for a drystone wall, that warm cotswold stone and moss, always moss. Kiddo preferred the puddles and puppies. 

G's hat and mittens are courtesy of a Saturday morning charity shop run by my sweet Mum and Little Sister due to the loss of G's Christmas hat, mittens and scarf to the Oxford Tube. Following my very educational solo journey with the little monkey where we learned how sitting down is for losers* and culminating in a vomit drenched crescendo of travel sickness (now I remember why my parents kept an empty ice cream tub under the car seat) - all over the seat, all over him, all over me - frankly I felt lucky we made it out with most of our stuff. If they don't turn up in the lost property this week, I'm chalking them down as a sacrifice to the toddler travel gods for our good luck in sitting near kind, tolerant people who were sympathetic rather than (audibly) disgusted ("poor little mite... well at least he got it all out in the end!") - including a lovely Mongolian grad-student who has a 4 year old and 17 month old of her own back in Ulaanbaatar and was therefore the picture of efficiency and understanding rather than (quite understandable) horror, helping me wipe up and sharing advice. Words to the wise: she suggested sitting at the front rather than back of the bus, and also tying a scarf quite tightly around his stomach as apparently this helps with toddler travel sickness? I've never heard the scarf one before, but might try it next time.

Despite its inauspicious beginning and the biting sleet we had an awesome weekend out visiting my parents.  G walked along with my Dad, pals, insisting on stopping to stamp gently up and down in every puddle (a loose definition extending to the faintest damp patches on the path) on the way to the swings.  He loved the magnets, carrying them through the house from the fridge to stick to the freezer, washing machine and radiators.  We pointed at the ducks ("duh") and G played a new game with my Mum, Mormor, bending down like ski-jumpers and jumping up, to repeated laughter.  He's obviously worked out the food-based power structure, insisting on giving his empty bowl back to Mormor when he was finished eating - lesser family members need not apply.

And! He gave his first actual, pro-active kisses! 
Crazy for Mormor this weekend, he would plant one hand on either side of her face and press his open mouth against her nose or cheek**. 
Sweetnesses and saliva.


*he was seatbelted and my constant vigilance kept him there. Constant vigilance and snacks. Which didn't exactly turn out well, but still. 

**I'm a little concerned that he picked up this kind of face-grabbing full-frontal kissing from me and PA...no more making out with the kid around I guess. Arf. 


  1. I love that picture and dry stone walls too. I grew up in the Cotswolds so they always remind me of home and childhood. Glad the weekend was fun and hope you are feeling much, much better now. Did you try the scarf trick on the return journey? Did it work?

    1. I know exactly what you mean about the drystone walls - they takes me right back too. Feeling much improved this week (thank goodness) and we didn't try the scarf trick on the way back (although we did avoid snacks)... mainly because Pierangelo had joined us so I luxuriated in my reclined seat across the aisle and napped while he toddler-wrangled :)

  2. This picture is epic! His hat makes it i feel ;)

    1. Thanks Josie - the hat kills me, it feels really kid-in-the-80s somehow.

  3. Epic! Vomit story and the photo ;-)